Duraturn Cup

First customer of the year award winner named

Premier Tyres and Plastics International (PTPI) is a new company with a long corporate history and values through Yanchang Rubber, Sinopec Solutions and China-based leading shipping and finance companies.

As the name of PTPI highlights, Premier Tyre & Plastics International is born out of the necessity to bring together a number of business operations of China- based petroleum, chemical and rubber linked industrial companies,including the management and distribution of Duraturn Tyres made by Yanchang Rubber and top quality Synthetic Resins made by Sinopec Group to the UK, Republic of Ireland and other markets.

“Our customers are our business and as such, we are keen to show how muchwe appreciate them. That is why at the recent Chinese New Year celebrations inLondon’s Trafalgar Square showcasing the company and its exclusive and strong tyre brand, Duraturn, we announced the institution of a company prize for our ‘Customer of the Year’ to be awarded to the best performing customer of PTPI each year”, company representatives said in a statement.

The prize consists of a winner’s trophy, a $1,000 credit towards the cost of the next order and two free return flights from London to any city in China.The 2018 Customer of the Year 2018 Prize was awarded to Tyrespot Ltd.