General Manager: Mr Iain Cameron

The PTPI General Manager is also the GM of Duraturn UK & ROI. Mr Cameron who officially took on this responsibility from 1st March 2018 has more than 20 years of experience within the tyre industry, from fleet management to wholesale distribution as well as importing direct from China.

Non-Executive Directors & Business Advisors

Dr Derek Asiedu-Akrofi: He is an Attorney based in Los Angeles, a former law professor and a leading expert in international economic law. He previously served as Legal Counsel at the International Monetary Fund and has vast experience as a World Bank consultant. He is a recognised authority on international trade and investment law and an African expert as well as a graduate of Columbia Law School, New York. He also hols an honorary diplomatic position.

Kwame Akwffo OBE: He has a background as a senior legal academic with a national and strong international profile. He is a distinguished scholar on African law. Apart from his extensive international legal experience and expertise, including international trade and investment law, he has also served for many years as a member of a United Kingdom Government advisory body. He also has expertise as a consultant in the oil and gas industry in West Africa.